Our vision

The education policy of our college has its roots in the concept of education as stated by Spiru Haret. “The education system of a nation is called upon to fulfil a three-fold objective. To shape good citizens is its first duty. The second, to provide young people with the basic knowledge indispensable to anyone in life, irrespective of their social status. This is compulsory education. Lastly, it will produce the right number of specialists needed for the full and harmonious functioning of the state.”

We opt for the educational approach which trains our students for lifelong learning and we ensure the highest standards to support them in acquiring the best of knowledge and in developing their personality. We would like them to excel in their chosen domain. Preparing specialists for a wide range of careers, our centenary school continues its long-term tradition of a Romanian elite school.

In the same spirit all our educational endeavours aim at cultivating the universal values which will accompany our students in everything and wherever they go: goodness, beauty and truth.