Spiru in a nutshell

Spiru in a nutshell

Location in the heart of Bucharest, within a two-minute walk from University Square

Lower cycle: 4 middle school classes, grades 5-8, one for each level, all with intensive English

Upper cycle: 32 secondary school classes, grades 9-12, 8 per each level, as follows: 3 Mathematics & ICT classes, 2 Biology classes, 2 Social science classes and 1 Philology class; 2 classes per level are also with intensive English courses

Extra courses include: Geography of the UK (in English), History of the UK (in English), UK Culture and Civilisation (in English), British literature (in English), Preparation for Cambridge Exams, Myths in ancient and modern literature, Education for health, Spanish language

Highly qualified teachers: 5 PhD holders, 36 teachers with First Degree in teaching (the highest), 7 teachers with Second Degree in teaching, 5 teacher trainers

National competitions prizes in 2017-2018 academic year:

  • national level: Gold medal – ICT, 1st place – History, 2nd place – Romanian language and literature, Bronze medal – ICT, 3rd place – Mathematics, Honourable mention – History, Mathematics
  • Bucharest level: Romanian language and literature – 23 prizes, Mathematics – 3 prizes, English – 34 prizes, French – 3 prizes, German – 1 prize, Social sciences – 2 prizes, History – 5 prizes, ICT – 3 prizes, Basketball national tournament – Boys – 1st prize

Contests organized by our school: Adolescent Grigore Moisil National ICT contest, Laurentiu Panaitopol National Mathematics Contest, art contest SpirArt(Bucharest level), creative writing in English contest Magic Words (Bucharest level), French reading and writing contest LiRegal (Bucharest level), National Book Trailer Contest

Centre of excellence in Mathematics

On-going projects: Euroscola (international)

School magazines: Vlastarul (Romanian), The Offspring (English), H’Arret sur Image (French)

Basketball team for boys

Volunteering: Give and You Shall Be Given

Events: Alumni Day (12 December), Haretiana Symposium, Open Gates at Spiru (May)

Clubs: ROBOSAPIENS robotics, book club, photography, guitar, art, rock band FIVE O’CLOCK, drama, debate, Italian language

Facilities: 4 ICT labs, 3 language labs, 1 Physics lab, 1 Chemistry lab, personal counselling room, first aid room, dental treatment room, the Hub (non-formal education), robotics workshop, library, gym, basketball court, video projector and Internet connection in every classroom