Is robotics your thing?

Robosapiens robotics club is waiting for you and your expertise! In its second year of existence it won the third prize in the "Motivate Award" category of BRD First Tech Challenge Romania competition!

Are you into literature?

If you write, do it in Romanian, English or French! You have Vlăstarul magazine, started in 1923, where great names have published along the years. There is also The Offspring, for those who have the language of Shakespeare at heart. You can express your thoughts and opinions in French and make friends with the 12th graders who coordinate the magazine by writing for H’Arret sur Image!

Just hooked up on reading?

Talk about the latest book you’ve discovered with the members of the Book Club! You can even make a trailer for your favourite book and take part in the national competition for book trailers organized by our school!

No need for words? Lines and colours will do for you?

SpirArt competition and club is on the lookout for talent! Try it! As one of our projects marvellously put it, show the artist in you!

Are you feisty but would not really like to engage in physical combat?

Why not then plunge into the battle of words and ideas? Spiru Debate Club is the place for you. As Mr Carroll exquisitely turned the proverb around, take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves!

Team player, disciplined, hard-working and really committed?

These are the qualities needed for our basketball teams! As the boys have already won quite a few trophies, girls are sweetly invited to match the mark!

Does music hum in your heart?

If it rocks it, audition for rock band Five o’clock! If beats to a more mellow tune, join the Guitar Club!

No interest in science, art or sport whatsoever?

Are you just an ordinary person? Well, actually nobody is that. There is something precious in each of us, there is always something you can give. We already have a rolling volunteering project, but there is plenty of room for generous action and all around us much need for kindness!

When none of the above suits you

 But your mind is teeming with ideas you’d like to put into practice, we’ve got the place for you: the HUB, read Room of Requirement and oh, you all know that every house and school needs one!  Set up a club of your own, start a project, get inspired by a workshop or a conference, try something new!