Former teachers

Former Teachers

RELIGION: - Father D. Popescu-Rosiori - Father Gh. Georgescu-Silvestru ROMANIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE: - Vasile V. Haneș, PhD in Letters (Bucharest), the first coordinator of  Vlăstarul school magazine (1923), member of the General Council at the Ministry of Public Education; - Georgescu Marinescu, PhD in Letters, former assistant lecturer and director of the " I. C. Bratianu" Foundation; - G. Dem Teodorescu, former recipient of a "Junimea" grant for studies abroad; - George Șerban, participant in the General Assembly of Alba Iulia and school principal. LATIN: - Nicodem Locusteanu, BA in Letters and Law, former Director General at the Ministry of Public Education; LATIN AND OLD GREEK: - Ilie Almajanu, studies in Paris; - David Popescu, textbook author; FRENCH: - Iosif Frollo; HISTORY: - Constantin Moisil, PhD in Letters and Philosophy (Cluj), member of the Romanian Academy and former Director General of The  National Archives; GEOGRPHY AND PHILOSOPHY: - Dimitrie Ioanitescu, PhD in Law, Paris; PHILOSOPHY: - Alexandru Claudian; MATHEMATICS: - Alexandru Aricescu; - Dan Barbilian (pen name Ion Barbu) - Ștefan Tacorian, former Inspector General for Secondary Education and Teacher Training Schools NATURAL HISTORY: - Nicolae Moisescu, studies in Berlin, Vienna and Leipzig; - Ștefan Zottu,  assistant lecturer and Head of  Department at the Faculty of Science ,the University of Bucharest; PHYSICS-CHEMISTRY: - Artur Voitinovici, BSc in Physics and Farmacy, PhD in Chemistry; MUSIC: - Grigore Maghiari, former artist of the National Opera House; PHYSICAL EDUCATION: - Camil Mortun, university professor; - Anton Ionescu, the first coach of the school team who won the national trophy;