In Spiru we get inspiration every day!


We would like to warmly welcome you to Spiru Haret National College and to our website. We have created this site with the aim of giving you a glimpse of what life in our school is about today.

            You may be asking yourself why a student should choose Spiru over other schools. The answer is: to be inspired. To give freedom to creativity, to attain excellence, to feel part of a centenary line of tradition in education and culture.

            Spiru Haret National College is a school founded on and committed to tradition, where the modern approach to education is firmly supported by the sense of continuity and of belonging to the old values. We treasure and respect the freedom of thought, speech and action. As the college proudly bears the name of Spiru Haret, the founder of our modern education system, we consider it our mission to follow in his steps and act in the spirit of innovation and reform, to promote forward thinking and novelty and to focus on the development of each and every student as an individual. Our students learn how to learn and how to discover themselves. They become independent and all-round personalities.

            Over the past two decades the school has consistently confirmed its status of academic excellence. The results in the Romanian Baccalaureate have constantly placed the college among the top ten secondary schools in Bucharest, with success rates far above the national averages. Our students also perform at the highest levels in the Olympiad contests. A valuable partnership with the Romanian Mathematical Sciences Society and the Mathematics Institute of the Romanian Academy has led to the setting up in our school of a Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and a national Mathematics contest. In keeping with the trends of the 21st century, our students' enthusiasm generated an ICT competition which, in two years' time, rose from local participation to the status of national contest.

            It is, however, well beyond examination results and academic achievement that our school's aims are set. A wide range of extra-curricular activities, in areas such as Drama, Music, Literature, along with educational trips, community projects and international projects enrich the education of our pupils. Spiru Haret National College aims to provide the optimum environment to sustain and nurture the personal development of each of our students so that they may be certain not only to obtain places at leading universities but to achieve success in all activities, and become confident, able and responsible citizens of 21st century Europe.

              As seeing is believing, you are kindly invited to visit us on one of our Open Days. We look forward to welcoming you.

The School Board