The change Hub

The room where you can write on the walls and get praise. The place where the initiative is in the hands of the students, for real student-centred activities. But is there such a room in a Romanian school? The answer is yes, there is, and it is in Spiru. It is called the HUB. Logically or naturally enough, the idea belonged to a student! Cristian Lupescu had seen it put into practice in the Netherlands, while he was on a trip. The schools there had unconventional study rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. In his opinion, Dutch teachers understood that students learn much more and much faster when free of constraints. So he decided to bring this concept into our school. He built a team together with four other students and they set themselves to work.

Although the idea raised a few eyebrows at first, little by little the room caught shape. Comfy chairs replaced the old-fashioned desks, a smart board was put up, pallets were brought in for multi-purpose design and, well, the walls were given a special coat of paint which allows swiping much in the same way as a blackboard. Shining bright, the HUB was ready. So far it has hosted not only unconventional lessons but also talks, economy and personal development training sessions, workshops.

A student wanted to change the school he learned in and he succeeded.